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The concept of basic metabolism refers to all those biochemical processes that occur in our organism at rest and are responsible for its preservation in life. Maintaining a constant body weight lies in the balance of energy we take from our food and the one we consume.

On what factors does our metabolism depend?

Our DNA determines our metabolism, since each organism has different fat burnings according to its genetic predisposition.

Sex is an important factor determining our burnings, since men, due to increased muscle tissue, have higher levels of burnings.

Our age. Global research shows that every decade being added reduces our metabolism up to 10%.

The height of each individual, associated with the surface of his body and the amount of muscle tissue

The good functioning of our endocrine glands, especially those responsible for secreting thyroxine hormones(thyroid gland) and norepinephrine (adrenal glands).

Exhaustive diets, fasting, undernourishment, that is, a significant reduction in food intake, through exhausting diets or psychological factors (stress, anxiety, distress), “shock” the body and reduce burns to 30%!

Exercise and, in general, systematic physical activity can give spectacular results to increased metabolism. This is because exercise increases the volume of our muscle mass and reduces our body fat which slows down burnings and “decreases” the metabolism.


Dietitian - Nutritionist with active postgraduate studies in Public Health (M.Sc Public Health) | Further Education in Diabetes | Member of the Greek Medical Society of Obesity.